Welding and assembly

Partnership company "Karović-Produkt" o.d., Vrnjačka Banja manufacture by customer specification:

  • Light and heavy steel construction
  • Precise constructions
  • Pressure containers
  • Vacuum containers
  • Rectangular and round tanks

Some of our services include:

Welding and assembly

Welding machine assemblies and containers

CNC metal plate cutting

Cutting plates on CNC plasma cutting and shears

Bending plates

Bending plates on manual and CNC pressing machine 200t
Maximum thickness 10mm, with length up to 3000mm.

Rolling plates

Rolling plates and drums production. Minimum diameter Ø280, thickness up to 10mm thick. Max length up to 2000mm

Certified welders

Quality welding is done by certified welders with many years of expirience in production of vacuum and pressure chambers and precise assemblies.

Machines assemblies are done completely by customer production drawings and specifications.


Quality management system
ISO 9001-2015
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Welding certificate
ISO 3834:3 2005
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Welding pressure chambers
AD 2000 Merkblatt HPO Sec. 3; EN 13445–4
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