Cutting plates and pipes with CNC plasma

Since 2013. we do computer numerically controlled cutting of plates and pipes with 130A CNC plasma cutting machine, on work table 2000x6000mm.

CNC plasma cutting is done by customer specification in AutoCAD drawings, printed drawings or sketches.

Cutting precision and various thickness and material types available to cut on CNC plasma makes it indispensable for manufacture of complex parts and assemblies with irregular shapes or repetition of series of parts.

We can cut various materials:

  • Stainless steel plates and pipes from 0.5mm to 25mm
  • Ferous steel from 0,5mm to 50mm
  • Aluminium from 1mm to 30mm

Pipe cutting

Cutting pipes with numerical program on CNC plasma by customer requirements is one of usefull manufacture steps that can speed up production.

We can make circular cuts, eliptic or rectangular shapes, even arbitraty shapes. Tubes can be cut in unfolded state and then rolled and assembled by specifications.